AL8.7 Network not working after each Update of NetworkManager

Hi guys,
I still got the problem that my network isn’t working after updating the NetworkManager packages via dnf. This happend everytime an Update for NetworkManager ist available and I installed it.
I can’t reach the server via Ethernet, I must use the IMPI Interface from Hardware Vendor to get conncted to the Console of the server to reboot the machine for getting a working networking again.
I tried several CLi command like:
nmcli networking off
nmcli networking on
systemctl stop NetworkManager
systemctl start NetworkManager
nmcli c down eno2; nmcli c up eno2

but nothing helps to bring up the connection.
The interface is listed with correct IP and also as connected (ip ro / nmcli d s) but the network port seems to be dead until a reboot.

any idea?
Best Regards,