Alma LinuxWorkstation

Can we install Alma Linux as a Workstation and what would be the methods

thank you

I’ve been doing exactly that for a month or two now (since Alma Beta). Just install it as normal and select the packages you require. Ensure you select the workstation option to get all the GUIs and display management loaded. I’ve also added:

  • Audacious (so that you can listen to CDs)
  • firewall-applet
  • hplip (if you have HP printers)
  • mailx
  • gimp (if you handle images)
  • zoom
  • units
  • fuse-expat
  • ntfs-3g

You’ll also need

  • elrepo-release
  • epel-release
  • rpmfusion-free-release
  • rpmfusion-nonfree-release
    to access these repos.

I’ve also used group install to add

  • “KDE Plasma Workspaces” since I can’t get on with Gnome
  • Multimedia (which provides codecs and the like)
  • "–with-optional Office Suite and Productivity " to get a full installation of LibreOffice.


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