AlmaLinux 9 missing latest logwatch-7.5.6-2

AlmaLinux 9 currently has logwatch-7.5.5-4.el9.noarch.

an updated fedora version of logwatch-7.5.6-2.fc35.noarch.rpm needs to be backported to fix bug 801304 – sys-apps/logwatch: Please fix cronie unmatched CMDEND messages

This updated logwatch also requires mailx. Only AlmaLinux 8 mailx is available (

Any help will be much appreciated to get this resolved/backported will be much appreciated.


Alma has what RHEL has. You should report the bug to RHEL 9 or to CentOS Stream 9 as those are the places where Red Hat incorporates fixes.

link to RHEL bug reports?

See ReportBugs - CentOS Wiki

mailx 12-5-42 backported to alma9


logwatch 7.7.1 backported to alma9 same link enjoy


Thanks again Sauron-le-noir for back porting the latest logwatch to Almalinux.
I have intalled it and logwatch bug is fixed in the version.


I, was on holliday the reasonnfor the 2 days waiitinf time for the baxkport

Please understand that installing this one off logwatch-7.7-1.el9 package will prevent your system from seeing future updates to the stock logwatch package. A hypothetical security fix to logwatch could be delivered as logwatch-7.5.5-5.el9, but your system won’t get that fix because the installed package is a higher version. In general it’s a bad idea to install one off packages likes this, as it gives you unmaintained packages that won’t get updated without more manual work. Additionally, even if it fixes a real problem for you and there is never another update to the package, installing a one off package only fixes the problem for your one system, rather than fixing the issue for everyone. I highly suggest following @jlehtone’s advice and file a bug for CentOS Stream 9 in order to get this fixed correctly. You could even send a pull request to the spec file to update it from 7.5.5 to 7.5.6. Depending on how much version 7.6 or 7.7 changes, those versions may be appropriate instead, but 7.5.6 seems like a safe choice. This could be discussed first in a bug report (which will be needed to merge the change anyways).