Changing perc 6 to perc H200 raid Controller

Hi linux specialists,

I like the Almalinux forum. Even for unusual questions there is always a good answer.
Could I ask help in a matter with older hardware.
I have an older Dell T310 server here, it runs almalinux and it seems to be very happy with it.
Over time the default Perc6 raid controller has become really old. And I liked to change it for a Perc200, if that is the best option. However, I worry about a hassle with installation
See, when I installed the server (it was in the centos 8 time before migrating to almalinux)
I had an issue with the perc 6 driver. The perc 6 virtual disk was not recognised by centos 8 and I had to do a trick by adding a driver cd where the centos8 installer could see the right driver which was provided by the ElRepo repository I believe.

Now, when replacing the Perc6 by a H200 controller, I expect driver issues again. If i would insert the 2 drives containing a RAID1 virtual disk in the server and I would import the foreign virtual disk containing the almalinux system, i hope it would boot the almalinux system on it. My worry is that almalinux could hold and prompt for an incorrect driver, or not see the card at all.

Then, how to install in that scenario an older perc H200 driver on an already installed almalinux system? I would really hate to have to reinstall the system only for choosing another raid controller. PS: Note that the ElRepo repository is installed on this active system.
Thanks for any help for this one.

Thanks in advance. Bye. Dirk.

I think you meant ELRepo, not EPEL …

Correct…thanks, I modified the post.

For the perc6 controller, I suppose you have used the kmod-megaraid_sas package from ELRepo.

Regarding the H200 controller, can you confirm this is the right device?

If so, you’d need the kmod-mpt3sas package. You can check the device IDs here:

Thanks for these answers.

The card had not arrived yet. I can’t lshw hardware and give you the ID.
That is, if I can get in rescue mode and give the commands by then.
The card is a .Perc H200 raid controller card. I need a way to install the driver in almalinux if the system fails to boot, because it doesn’t find the controller and so no boot partition.
The commands I need to give in logical steps to install and change the perc6 for the H200 driver and boot the system. I think problems will occur. Maybe I am wrong. I will update you.

I’d try to boot install media in troubleshoot mode and append


to its kernel’s command-line parameters. On regular install mode that definitely loads kernel module from the dud image (and adds to package-list). If that works, then you can chroot into installed sysroot.

How to recreate initramfs-image so that the mpt3sas (or whatever the correct driver is) is included is beyond what I know. Probably dracutsomething

Hi Jlehtone,

Thanks, I didn’t know inst.dd
i found something similar as in your instruction on the net:

They are using the same command the reach their goal. Only they are installing a fresh system. I think I understand the principle idea to boot an install media and include the driver iso by “inst.dd”.
What I do not quite understand is the part to use chroot. I know chroot is a command to include a different root (my unbootable system with a wrong raid controller driver in example) and treat the chrooted system as if it is the active running system, to be able to change and solve for example driver or grub problems. Then, I would need detailed commands in steps in chroot to do the job. I am not a linux superior yet. Sorry for my noob questions.

There is some good stuff to be found here:

Just the part how to remove the old driver and replace it for the new after mounting by chroot I need. If there is anyone who did a job like this, I would like to learn it. An order of commands…