GlusterFS in Almalinux?

Hello! What is the correct way to install Glusterfs-server on Almalinux. In centos I used these commands, but now it doesn’t work

$ yum install centos-release-gluster
$ yum install glusterfs-server


Caveat: I don’t use gluster!

I note that you are installing centos-release-gluster, which looks more than a little odd in Alma. Would either glusterfs-libs or glusterfs help? They are in baseos and should already be installed. Try:

# dnf list \*gluster\*

From your prompt it looks like you are attempting to install as an unprivileged user - are you sure this is right?

Hi. I’ve been using glusterfs on CentOS for a couple years and really enjoy it, especially since the last update seems to have fixed some performance problems and I gained some familiarity with the disperse volume option. When I switched over to AlmaLinux I used the following to get the packages:
dnf -y install

dnf -y install

Looks like there is a gluster 9 version available now:
[ ] centos-release-gluster9-1.0-1.el8.noarch.rpm

I actually got this from somewhere here on the AlmaLinux forum, so maybe you can search and get more info.


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