How is RH new move affecting the EL family?


It seems to me that one of the simplest solutions could be to become independent with the best possible compatibility.
Red Hat will do everything to close it, especially it seems to me that this is a strong message from Red Hat which leaves our hearts a little more day after day.

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I’m quite happy to see AlmaLinux going this way I think it will be great for the EL community!


We were using AlmaLinux since 2 years now as a replacement for CentOS. The release of AlmaLinux 9.2 only hours after RHEL 9.2 was mindblowing and once again confirmed that the decision was right.

But this is a dark day in the history of AlmaLinux: β€œthe AlmaLinux OS Foundation board today has decided to drop the aim to be 1:1 with RHEL.” (AlmaLinux OS - Forever-Free Enterprise-Grade Operating System).

Thanks, but no thanks. We need 1:1 RHEL-compatibility and therefore going to switch to another distribution.