JFS on Almalinux

Has anyone tried to use jfs on AlmaLinux?

We are forced to use jfs filesystem due to historical port of our server from Windows to fedora in order to overcome the problem of our numerous file case insensitive names.

JFS works well for us in centos 7 and our develoment environment on fedora.

We are planning to move from centos 7 to Almalinux and wondering how we can resolve our case insensitive file naming problem.

Thanks in advance for any help

Hey @Thevoice1017 welcome to the community. Actually not sure about this one. Whooo, what a doozy. JFS haven’t heard that in a long time.

I will do some digging?

JFS definitely wasn’t supported in RHEL 4/5/6 and i can’t find any packages or kernel modules for it on centos 7.9 or RHEL 8.4 so not sure how you got it working on centos7 - maybe using a contrib kernel?

If its just a case-insensitive file system that you want, then why not use ext4?

You can check to see if the kernel has this feature by running:

cat /sys/fs/ext4/features/casefold

If the result is “supported” then you can create an ext4 file system that is case-insensitive and it will work like the old JFS. If its not supported, then you may need a custom kernel (from epel?).

kmod-jfs package to the el7 repo. You have to use the CentOSPlus kernel though.
kmod-jfs package to the el8 was never built.

I was not aware ext4 has case-insensitive feature. Will test it out.
I see 3 possible options here

  1. epel with kmod-jfs package enabled in the kernel (almalinux/epel)
  2. ZFS (also provides case insensitive with error checking) can be installed/setup on CentOS8 - How To Install ZFS File On Centos 8 - Eldernode Blog
  3. ext4 kernel with casefold extension on almalinux/epel

Will be great if AlmaLinux 8.5? provides these options with seamless kernel updates