Looking for mod_evasive - availabilty or alternative repo

I have several CentOS7 hosts where I run mod_evasive, I get this via the epel repo, but it appears not to be in the epel repo for alma8.

Is there alternative repo? Or an ETA for it to be added to the epel-repo, which I guess is not a question the alma team can directly answer, but any info welcomed.


The raven repository has it. The docs say raven-release is in the epel, but I do not see it listed.

You can download and install the raven-release package, and then install mod_evasive.

Thanks Joe, got it from the raven repo.
In case others need it here are the steps.

wget https://pkgs.dyn.su/el8/base/x86_64/raven-release-1.0-2.el8.noarch.rpm

Length: 9284 (9.1K) [application/x-redhat-package-manager]
Saving to: ‘raven-release-1.0-2.el8.noarch.rpm’
raven-release-1.0-2.el8.noarch.rpm         100%[=====================================================================================>]   9.07K  --.-KB/s    in 0s

dnf install raven-release-1.0-2.el8.noarch.rpm

dnf repolist | grep raven
raven               Raven's RPM repo for el8-x86_64 - base
raven-modular       Raven's RPM repo for el8-x86_64 - modular packages

Update and install mod_evasive

dnf update
dnf install mod_evasive.x86_64

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