Fcitx-anthy for Alma 9

I know that RHEL doesn’t have this. But I’m wondering if anyone has managed to build an fcitx, or better yet, fcitx-anthy package for Japanese input for Alma9. For 8.x, there is an epel package for fcitx and I was able to rebuild a Fedora rpm for fcitx-anthy, but I’ve been unable to build an fcitx 9 rpm. I’ve made a request on RH bugzilla, but I know that sometimes, people build their own.
Ibus is available, but with more minimalist window managers like openbox, I’ve found it doesn’t work in terminal and a few other places. (Actually, I’ve only gotten it working in firefox and libreoffice, and not working in brave-browser.)

The bugzilla request is here, if anyone’s interested.